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All Plans Include

1 hour Incident Response

Unlimited Consultancy Sessions

New User Onboarding

Supplier Management

Mac OS, Windows, Linux & Mobile support

Strategic reviews

Unlimited Prebooked Support

Infrastructure Management & Security

  • 3 Urgent Incident/Onsite visit Credit (Per org)
  • Multiple devices support
  • Infrastructure Management & Security
  • 1H Response time
  • Desktop performance optimisation
  • Third-party vendor management


  • 1 Urgent Incident/Onsite visit Credit (per user)
  • Exchange and Office 365 management
  • Software licensing and compliance
  • Cloud Vendor Integration & Management
  • 24×7 server/network monitoring and response
  • Disaster recovery plans & backup strategies
  • Server sizing, procurement, installation and configuration


  • Unlimited urgent Incident/Onsite visit Credits
  • PC reporting & asset tracking
  • Custom security configurations and auditing
  • Windows Active Directory design and management
  • Firewall lockdown, configuration and auditing
  • Wireless network security & performance maintenance
  • Server optimization, log files management, database maintenance


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What are your terms & conditions?

Our full terms and conditions are on our website.

Do you support remote-only teams?

Yes! In such cases, we build redundancy and failover procedures for each team member. Instead of onsite coverage/proactive office visits, we can have a spare machine ready to courier out in the event of a failure.

What are your minimum requirements?

Coverage depends on having a fleet of physical devices, software and cloud tools that are fit for purpose. We recommend a 3-4 year upgrade cycle for all devices and software, and we stop coverage for any devices that haven’t been manufactured for more than 5 years (following Apple’s definition of “Vintage”).

What’s covered?

Everything related to helping your team use technology. We can fix their problems, maintain their devices, and manage your office and cloud infrastructure. Customer facing or revenue generating tools (e.g. websites) fall outside this scope. If you’re undertaking something new: migrating to a new email system, upgrading your server, or moving offices, we’ll provide fixed quotes for any extra fees involved.

Are there any travel costs for office visits?

For each office visit or on-site support that is outside your plan limit, €35 travel costs will be added to your next invoice. the fee includes as much time as needed to resolve an incident or assist users, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours.

How do I cancel or downgrade?

You can change plans or cancel any time by emailing We’ll process the change the same day. We allow up to one downgrade per month.

Do we have to sign up our whole team? Can we upgrade a single user to Business?

In order to provide support for your infrastructure (both cloud and on premise) we require the entire team be signed up. If your infrastructure is already managed (if you’re a branch office of a bigger company, or if you’re in a serviced office) you can sign up a subset of your team. It’s not possible to upgrade a single user to a higher plan.

If I use my credits up, can I still get a 1 hour response or an office visit?

Yes. For each out-of-plan incident, you can opt to have a fee of €85/hour added to your next invoice.

What’s an “Urgent Incident credit”?

All our plans include unlimited support, training and consultancy, when you book ahead using our automated booking system. If you need immediate help, you can upgrade the issue to an Urgent Incident, and we’ll respond within 1 business hour. Our Business Plan has unlimited Urgent Incident credits; the other plans have a limited number each month. Credits are organisation wide, and do not rollover if not used.

How do you know how many users we have?

All plans include New User Onboarding/Offboarding. Our billing system automatically adjusts your user count based on that, and prorates any changes throughout each month. We check the number of users when we run our initial setup and during periodic checkups.

How do you count the number of users?

We charge for the number of people you have in your team. Full time employees (including remote workers) are counted as users. If you take on a freelancer for 5 days a month, you’ll only pay for those days. In a job share situation, where 2 people make up ~5 working days, we count 1 user.

Do your prices include VAT?

All prices listed on our website are exclusive of VAT, currently at 21%.

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